Hamburg Derby

Enjoy the complete spectrum of high exciting thrills to complete relaxation

29.5. - 1. June 2014
Derbyplatz Klein Flottbek

The event is located in the Derby Park in Klein Flottbek, almost in the center of the city and represents high-class sport, exciting entertainment and tradition. The derby holds the most difficult show jumping course in the world that includes the same well known named obstacles since decades. But also the Dressage Derby is a challenging task that not a lot of riders dare to do, because it contains a classics “horse-change”. Not only the horses have to proof theirselves in ambitious tasks at the Derby, the Dressage Ponies also have to.  And this is not the end of high-class sport in Hamburg as the Hamburger Derby is the only German station of the Global Championstour and also the second stage the DKB-Riders Tour.


Not only the top riders of the world ranking list with their top horses make this event unique, also the mixture of country lifestyle, high society, fan clubs and picnic friends make it so special. Renowned Companies present everything the heart desires and will satisfy the hunger in the exhibition area between the show jumping and dressage arena.