SML-Tour International

Are you still dreaming…

...of showing what you’ve got in one of the antiquest and biggest show jumping arenas of the world?

The SML-Tour is what you are searching for!

3 classes on 3 days

The SML-Tour is divided into three classes (S:1,15m/ M:1,25/L:1,30-1,40) that are held on 3 days in a row. The classes are scheduled one after the other, following the same line of parcours, only the height is changing. Of course the rider can consider the horse’s physical state of the day and switch in between the classes (not possible between S and L).

Prices for the competitors of the SML-Tour

Per horse you have to pay an amount of 1.260 € excl.VAT. We can cut in price for every additional horse. Included services:

  • stable inkl. Fee for disposal of waste
  • entry-fee
  • MCP fee
  • s well as a VIP badges friday/saturday/sunday for one rider per horse

Contact and Consulting:

Do not hesitate contacting us if you are interested in the SML-Tour. We will be more than happy to send you the necessary information and will answer your questions.


PST Paul Schockemöhle Marketing
Dorothee Hahn