P.S.I. Auction in Ankum

One of the most significant equestrian auctions in the world!

XXXII. P.S.I. Auction on December 6th and 7th 2014 in Ankum

Every year in December, Ankum opens its doors for the world famous P.S.I. auction. With an exquisite collection of young dressage and jumping horses, Paul Schockemöhle and Ullrich Kasselmann present outstanding horse-potential which can often be found in international competitions later on. The list of champions and grand prix horses that aroused from the P.S.I. collection during the last three decades is long and shows the initiator’s high standard of quality.

Auktionsring PSI


On the occasion of the World Cup Finals 1980 three famous sport legends – George Morris, Frank Chapot and Paul Schockemöhle – came up with the idea of the P.S.I. – Performance Sales International.

Keynote at that time was to let the American horse sport benefit from a collection of the most excellent sport horses from Europe, in particular, Germany and the Netherlands. The three horsemen wanted to offer an exquisite collection of horses from Europe’s biggest breeding areas to the American market.

Because of the fact, that even in Europe the amount of well-trained high-end level horses was not very big, the sportsmen decided to focus on a selection of young but highly talented, budding champions. After enjoying a qualified and age-appropriate basic education, they could  be integrated terrifically in the American training system.

After two very successful auctions in the USA the call for such an event grew louder and louder in Europe. Thereupon the initiators decided to transfer the unique event to the sport centre in Ankum. Since then, the P.S.I. Auction has established its name and never changed location again.

Meanwhile there have been quite a few auctions taking place in Ankum, each of them with its own smaller and larger sensations. Each one being one-of-a-kind. More than once the million dollar wall was crossed at a P.S.I auction, but the success with the 2.5 Million Euro Champion “Poetin” in 2003 is still hard to outbid.