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PST Paul Schockemöhle Marketing GmbH was founded in 1989 by Paul Schockemöhle and tennis manager Ion Tiriac in order to transfer successful tennis event concepts to equestrian sport.

The name Paul Schockemöhle, trademark P.S., has been a guarantee of success in equestrian sports and other industries for years. P.S. became European champion in show jumping three times in a row – a record! There are also Olympic medals, many championship titles and victories in all major grand prizes.

P.S. formed and sculpts riders and horses for the highest international tasks. He is also the largest horse breeder in Europe, if not worldwide.

P.S. founded the agency PST Marketing GmbH, with the aim of offering equestrian sport a worthy and attractive platform with high-quality international horse shows. PST organized – partly with partners – the international tournaments German Classics Bremen, CSI Berlin, Dortmund, Frankfurt, Hanover, Hamburg, Hagen a.T.W., Leipzig, Munich, Redefin, Neumünster and a few more.

In 2020 the tournament events and activities were transferred to the partner agency Horses and Dreams Entertainment GmbH of the befriended Kasselmann family in Hagen a.T.W.. This ensured that a young and highly motivated team would secure the events for the long term.

Here you will find all tournaments and activities of Horses and Dreams Entertainment GmbH.

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Bettina Schockemöhle

CEO, Project Management Events, Sport

Phone +49 5492 808251

Dorothee Hahn

Head of Sponsoring and Distribution, Exhibition

Phone +49 (0) 5401 892024

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